Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 -Microsoft .NET framework 4.0

Thursday, March 5, 2009 |

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 -Microsoft .NET framework 4.0
Recently I was looking Microsoft site and seen channel 9 videos of VS GURU Jason Olson, found some interesting stuff for you guys.
When I seen some videos of Visual Studio GURU Jason Olson on channel 9, I was really really impressed with Visual Studio 2010. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 were coming in news sometime in end of 2008. I was thinking that people might have started using Visual Studio 2008 from now and Microsoft announces Visual Studio 2010. These people are really dedicated to IT industry and always want X+ they don’t want X. They always keep working for betterment. I guess Microsoft believes in SHOW MUST GO ON and PROGRESS SHOULDN’T STOPPED. This is the thing I like about Microsoft.
There are lots of feature there in VS 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0. No matter what are you developing or what kind of developer you are, it is definitely going to increase your productivity with efficiency.
Let us have a look:
Microsoft has changed VS 2010 from top to bottom, from start page to its architecture as compare with its previous versions.

You can have your own start page, it’s totally customized. You can add your own tab in that, you can have better control over what project should be show up in recent project list etc.

For Web developer:
--More flexible integrated deployment.
--Increased support for web standards.
--Differing framework to better meet your needs.
--Better tooling support for rich internet application
--Support for standalone caching

For Windows Developer:
--Exposing data is faster and easier than before
--More flexible deployment solutions
--Increased support for modeling business and domain platform

For Office Developer:
--Ability to target latest greatest office platform (upcoming version of Microsoft Office)
--Tooling support for share point
--Language improvements to make working with existing office API.
--Increased deployment support.

For ISV:
--Building of concurrent application easier than before
--Support for making application extensible.
--Improved debugging experience
--Brand new intelisense model that scale to large code bases
--C++ 0x feature support

These are just few of the feature you are going to get in VS 2010. I think one should atleast try this out in CTP version of VS2010. You can ride the next generation platform wave with VS 2010 so hurry!!! Download it from:
It is really worth downloading!!!! Microsoft have goodies for you in that, they have not forget you like annual fiscal budget of government ;)
Material gathered from Microsoft site and chanel9 for community update by Ritesh Shah