Convert SQL Server date to GMT + 5.30 in SQL Server 2008/2005

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 |

Today one of my subordinate asked me one question about how can we convert GETDATE() to Indian time as our server is hosted in USA. Question is very simple and bit difficult for novice that is why I thought to put it on blog so everybody else can get benefit if they doesn’t know.

Well rather than GETDATE(), I would prefer UTC datetime. Just find the different between your time zone and UTC timezone and add that time to UTC time and you will get your preferred time of your zone.
First I run following T-SQL in our development server in India to find exact time difference between UTC time and Indian time zone.

SELECT DATEDIFF(minute, GetUTCdate(), GetDate());

It will give you 330 minutes, add this 330 minutes to UTC time and you will get Indian time. If already know hours different between your timezone and UTC time, you directly convert it to minutes, don’t need to run above T-SQL.

Now Add 330 minutes to your UTC time with below T-SQL and you are done.

SELECT DATEadd(minute, 330,GetUTCdate()) as indianTime, GETDATE() as serverTime;

Quite an easy task!!! Isn’t it???

Reference: Ritesh Shah
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simple,clean & good example.

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Simple and powerful

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Thank you. Its very clean & simple logic.