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Friday, October 9, 2009 |

Well, 3rd Oct 09 was the sensual day for Ahmadabad, especially for Microsoft IT personal. There were four session in the event and first session presented by Microsoft’s Super Evangelist Mr. Vinod Kumar. He is basically SQL Server person but he has really sound knowledge in other technologies too. I surprised when it is declared that Vinod Kumar presenting Windows 7.0 and Office 2010 as I knew him as SQL Guy but when I attended the session, felt that he is really genius in other technology. Because just knowing technology and explaining technology to professional are different thing. Everybody (attendees) sticked with the seat for almost 3 hours!!! everybody (speaker) can't do this.

He has explained Tips and Tricks in Windows 7.0 and Office 2010. There was a session for about two and a half hour but herewith, I am presenting the TOP 10 tips I personally like from his session.

1.) Programmable task bar and when you right click on task bar icon, you will get that application related option right there. Suppose you click on Outlook 2010 icon, you will get options like write new message, send receive etc. without even opening outlook.

2.) As a developer, I liked problem steps recorder tool a lot. It is fantastic facility. Sometime in field, user tell us that they are facing an error in certain places in our software but not able to convey proper message or something. This tool comes up as a rescue, just tell them start this tool and reproduce the steps which give you an error. Once error shows up, stop the tool and send us the files generated by that tool. Actually this could be done by some 3rd party tools too but it is not guarantee that tool is available with all your client. So, this is the reason why I like this function.

3.) Windows 7.0 comes up with virtualization support by default and this is really good for me. I used to use virtualization a lot for many purposes. Firstly, whenever I want to experiment some software, I install that in virtual environment, check it and uninstall it. If anything goes wrong in OS, don’t need to worry about, just delete virtual hard drive, and create one more. In fact, I used to have copy of XP and Server 2003’s virtual hard drive all the time. I used to surf the internet from virtual environment too so that If any problem of viruses occur, I can simply delete that hard drive and use other one. J

4.) Email tips in outlook, when you are preparing email, write down recipient email address, it display with different color if recipient not available or out of office. This is really wonderful functionality. Isn’t it?

5.) I really like the way of Image processing in word 2010. Vinod saw some task that I used to do with photoshop and now it is possible in Word itself like removing background, cropping, blurring etc. Really fantastic functions.

6.) I see really high integration of office tools in one feature, if you are using outlook 2010, download your emails and if any office document comes as an attachment, it came with disabled macro so that it doesn’t harm your environment. If you trust that document fully, enable macro. J

7.) Conversation view is really, one more good function in outlook 2010, I liked that much. The good part of it, you can remove some emails from that continuous conversation chain.

8.) “Direct Access Search” could be useful to me sometime. If you are on an IPV6 implemented, you can take an advantage of new improved search in Windows 7.0. You can search document from your computer along with your office’s intranet.

9.) In Access 2010, it is really easy to prepare web form and directly use it. As a developer you wonder, you need to write 0 line of code.

10.) I like White board, zoom-in, and zoom-out and arrow facility of windows 7.0 too. It is useful in many different situations, especially when you are presenting something on projector.

So, herewith I am finishing "SELECT TOP 10 Tips FROM VinodKumar's Session"

Reference: Ritesh Shah
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Vinod Kumar said...

Thanks Ritesh for the quick Summary. You seemed to have liked the Office 2010 part a lot ... Anyways, nice post.

Ritesh Shah said...

Hi Vinod,

Thank you very much for looking at this article and putting comment. actually both the session were fabulous. I have just summarized the topics in order I liked much