ERROR FIX performance counter registry hive consistency in SQL Server 2008 installation

Friday, November 6, 2009 |

Error “performance counter registry hive consistency” while installing SQL Server 2008 is really frustrating error.  I have installed Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Evaluation Edition quite a few times but this is first time I got error “performance counter registry hive consistency”.  This error itself shows that there is a problem in registry of performance  counter so the prime question is, how to resolve this issue? There may be few different ways but I use “LodCTR.exe” file.

LodCTR is a Microsoft Windows Operating system process file and I used it with \R attribute which will rebuild the performance counter registry strings and information from scratch based on the current registry settings and backup INI files.

So making long story short, open your dos prompt, may be with following steps:

Start menu->Run->type CMD->press enter key

It will open command prompt and you can run

C:\>lodctr /R

Give it a time and then try installing again, hopefully you will be able to install Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Reference: Ritesh Shah
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Unknown said...

you really saved my job, man!!!. I was looking for solution since last three days and finally found it from here, there were so many different ways found online but no one works for me except yours. :)