Encryption - Decryption in SQL Server 2008 and backup database with encrypted data and restore it somewhere else

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 |

Long way back, we had to take help from third party tools in order to encrypt and decrypt data.  Gradually Microsoft understood the need for this feature and started to implement it by building functionality into SQL Server. Finally, with SQL 2008, we have improved and in-built facilities for Encryption and Decryption within SQL Server.

To encrypt data and decrypt it, it is really a very crucial task as one mistake and your data go out of your reach. It can become more difficult when you will encrypt some data in one database in one server and try to restore that database into different server.

In this Article, I am going to show you the script which can encrypt data in one database on one server, take its backup, and restore that encrypted database anywhere else and you will get your data with 100% security and no data risk.

We will now create one database which is going to be used in throughout this example.

Reference: Ritesh Shah
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