Save sub report as from main crystal report

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 |

Recently I was working in one of the very big windows application which has been developed with the following tools, framework and software.

1.)    Visual Studio 2008
2.)    .Net Framework 3.5
3.)    C#
4.)    SQL Server 2005
5.)    Crystal Report 11

There are lots of crystal reports used in that application. While working on that application (product) I needed to create on very big crystal report. Fortunately or unfortunately the same kind of report was a part of (as a sub report) one main report. If I can extract that sub report from main reports, I could probably save my so many hours.

Basically we used to create a simple report and import that report as a part of sub report in other main reports. Unfortunately main report was deleted by somebody so the only way was to extract report from main report as that report was working fine under main report.

I have opened that main report which has a link to sub report, I right click on that sub report link to get option “Save Sub report as” in visual studio but no luck.  Look at the image below.

Actually visual studio doesn’t have that option so I have seen many programmers start looking at sub report and create new report based on that which kills few hours if report is big.

So what is the solution? If you are having full licensed version of crystal report than open crystal report viewer, open same report in that and you will get an option to “Save sub report as” look at image below.

Isn’t it easy and time saving stuff?

Reference: Ritesh Shah
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