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Sunday, January 2, 2011 |

SQL Server & XML Guru Mr. Jacob Sebastian (SQL Server MVP) has recently completed one grand online event for SQL Server along with other 30 SQL Server MVP/Blogger, winners are already declared for that, find more details here.

After completing this grand international online event, he has now started .NET Quiz 2011 on BeyondRelational.Com with help of  Hima Bindu Vejella who is Quiz Manager for “.NET Quiz 2011”.

This event has already started from 1st January 2011 for 31 days. Each day one .NET quiz master will ask one question and s/he will moderate the discussion and answer of that question. Finally Quiz Master will rate your answer between rank 1 and 10. Score of all 31 questions will be summed up to identify the winner of the competition after 31st January 2011.

You don’t have only chance to share/enhance your knowledge but have chance to win some of exciting prices like Apple iPad and free license of some cool .NET tools.

So what are you waiting for??? 

Just grab the opportunity. If you are still not registered member of . Register now!!!. 

Here is the official home page for .NET Quiz 2011.

BTW, I am too one of the quiz master and my question is going to be enabled by today 2nd January 2011. Here is the link for the same.

Ritesh Shah
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