SQL Server 2012 Performance Tuning Cookbook

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We are leaving in the world of data now a day. RDBMS systems make it easy to manage data properly with validations and integrity even it needs expertise to keep database operation smooth so that you can get performance benefit. Everybody hates to wait for receiving information. No matter, whether they are waiting for response from internet, database, report or anything else. 

It is a duty of database personnel in the company to make users of the database or software happy by not keeping them waiting for the information they require. In a business world, sometime, late information can create disaster for the company. This is the time when Performance Tuning in database comes into the picture.
SQL Server 2012 Performance Tuning Cookbook
Basically I have started my career as a Developer 10 years back and I used to work mostly with .NET technology for web & windows application. Later on I have shifted my interest towards database technology to maintain performance of my applications as even today, many companies do not afford expert database developer or administrator so they expect that .NET developer manage the show in that situation. 

While working with database and performance tuning, I learned a lot by self learning or from the online community. Finally I decided to share my knowledge with the community in proper format. This is the wish which lead me towards writing a performance tuning book name “SQL Server 2012 Performance Tuning Cookbook” which will be available from June 2012..

After thinking to write something about performance tuning, me and my co-author Bihag Thaker had a long discussion about the architecture of the book and we finally decided to divide the book in three main topic.

Performance Monitoring: This supposes to be the first step when you think to tune anything in the database or in SQL Server. Without monitoring, you will not be able find the bottleneck which is creating hazard for performance.

Performance Tuning: Once you find the bottleneck, it is time to overcome that. You have to find different ways to eliminate that bottleneck and make performance faster. We are having many different chapters which are discussing this topic.

Performance Management: “Prevention is better than cure” this is what I believe so it is better to know some common mistakes which may lead to your system towards slow performance. If you know these, you can manage it even before it starts creating an issue for you.

I have always received overwhelming response and welcome from the online community in blog and from the forums I am active in. I am expecting the same response from the community for my book.

Happy Reading!!!

Reference: Ritesh Shah
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