Three certificate in Expert-Exchange along with 200K points in last 30 days

Monday, April 27, 2009 |

If you are regular reader of my blog than you might remember that I have published news few days back, exactly on 30th Mar 09, that I have started helping community in Expert-Exchange. Here is my article on that topic
It’s even less than a month I have published that news and today I am awarded with my third certificate, out of which two MASTER and one GURU in Microsoft SQL Server zone and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. I am really pleased that I have got chance to helping the IT community by my blog and by expert-exchange.

Here is a summary of my small journey in expert-exchange.
Points in EE
0 Point on Mar 26, 2009
50K Points on APR 11, 2009
100K points on Apr 16, 2009
150K points on Apr 19, 2009
200K points on Apr 26, 2009

Certificates in EE
MASTER SQL Server Apr 13, 2009
MASTER SQL Server 2005 Apr 22, 2009
GURU SQL Server Apr 26, 2009

Answer History in EE
1   Question Answered on Mar 26, 2009
50  Question Answered on APR 09, 2009
100 Question Answered on APR 19, 2009
150 Question Answered on APR 25, 2009

List is growing on and on    

Moreover, I have entered in HALL of Fame for the year (12th), month (1st) and week(1st) in my very first month for SQL Server zone and in Month and Week for SQL server 2005 zone, looking forward to hold this position and enter in over all zone Hall of Fame very soon.

If you would like to see my EE profile, do watch it at:

Thanks for all the co-operation and acceptance of everybody and special thanks to Mr. Pinal Dave (

Reference: Ritesh Shah
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