350 Article on the blog and SQL Server 2012 book release

Friday, July 27, 2012 |

I have completed 350 articles on this blog and apart from that my book “SQL Server 2012 Performance Tuning Cookbook” has released yesterday officially.

I would like express my deepest gratitude to all my blog readers and online SQL Server community which always inspire me to work hard and returning back to the community.

In today’s blogpost I am not going to discuss any technical stuff but I would like express my truthful thanks to few person who has always played an important role in my life. Though I have expressed my thankfulness to them in the “Acknowledgement” section of my book, I can’t stop my temptation to express my gratitude blogpost.

I would sincerely like to thank Packt Publishing, for showing their confidence in me and providing the invaluable opportunity of being a part of this book. Individuals at Packt whom I am deeply grateful to, are Kedar Bhat, Sai Gamare, Madhuri Das, Ashwin Shetty, Apoorva Bolar, and Dhwani Devater. They have been very co-operative and supportive at all the stages of this book. I am extremely thankful to Michael Zilberstein (Blog) and Maria Zakourdaev (Blog, Twitter) and Satya (Blog,Twitter) the technical reviewers, for their excellent work of getting the accuracy of the technical details of the book in perfect shape.

I wouldn't have been able to author this book alone, so thanks should go to Mr. Bihag Thaker, as well, as he agreed to co-author this book with me and has worked even harder on it than I have myself.

Two individuals to whom I am indebted and whose disciple I have always been are Mr. Pinal Dave(Blog, Twitter) and Mr. Jacob Sebastian (Blog, Twitter). I have learnt a lot from them, and they are the reason I'm part of the IT community today.

1.) Pinal Dave, who blogs at SQLAuthority.com and is an author of several SQL Server books. Currently, he is working as a Technology Evangelist at Microsoft.

2.) Jacob Sebastian, who blogs at BeyondRelational.com  and is a SQL Server MVP, book author, well-known speaker in SQL Server technology, and much more.

Without my family support, a task such as writing a book would not have been achievable. I would like to heartily thank my parents, Mr. Ashwinkumar Shah and Mrs. Divya Shah. It is because of them that I exist, and I cherish their blessings, which are always with me. I would also like to thank my one-and-a-half-year-old son, Teerth, who used to often start crying at midnight, because of which I would lose my sleep and, not being able to get it back so started researching more on the subjects that helped me write this book. Last but not least, I would like to thank my wife, Alka Shah!

Finally I would appreciate help and support of all my friends who has directly and indirectly helped me a lot.

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Pinal Dave said...


You give us credit and acknowledgement but the reality is that you are the one to be congratulated. Being published author is the credit of lifetime and I totally respect that.

You have indeed won my heart and wish you best luck. This is first book and I believe many more yet to come.

Ritesh Shah said...

thank you very much boss... :)

SQLMaster said...

Hey Ritesh & Bihag
CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful efforts in publishing the book.. keep up the good work.

-Satya (@sqlmaster)

Ritesh Shah said...

Thank you very much.....

Maria said...

Many Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot.. Satya... :-)

Jacob Sebastian said...

Congratulations Ritesh. We are all very proud of you!